Yes, I will confess – things have been rough the past month or so. Fell completely off the health wagon. Sugar cravings through the roof. Ran around helping everyone else(I didn’t mind-and would have no matter what.) and neglected myself a bit. It was clear something was off because I stopped beading.

That’s right- I stopped beading for almost a month. Came home, showered, ate/overate, crawled into my comfy chair and binge-watched “Top Gear” “Hotel Impossible” and “Rev Run’s Renovation”. Hell, I even peeked at “Thicker Than Water”–that show was my rock bottom.

Went in for my annual checkup. The good news- I did not gain any weight over the past 6 months. The bad news-failed my blood test-(I am pre-diabetic)-and my Vitamin D level was  almost zero.

So, going off the sugar again (gradually). It’s easier this time since there are so many more yummy choices than a few years ago. Artificial sweetners are a no-no. They’re worse than real sugar. I started Vitamin D therapy. The initial doses are so strong they had to be via prescription.  Egg whites keep me full during the day at work. Almond drink (not milk) in my cereal  on weekends tastes great and no need to add sugar. Yes I jones for some chocolate and allow myself one  if it gets really bad. But it hasn’t been that bad lately.  Walking as much as possible-can’t wait for spring so I can do more.

The best part: I’m back to beading, and promoting my business. And just in time. I have a show at the end of next month, and two others to send samples out for.  However I decided to take a hiatus from my radio show until mid-spring. Between the other checkups, the events, work and family something had to give for a little while. Believe me I already miss it.

So today’s lesson: be good to yourself, go to the doctor, eat right and excercise. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid or feel guilty saying “Hold up, I need a break.”  A healthy artist is a thriving artist.

Oh I did have another adventure with city government. The fire hydrant in front of our house broke. Fortunately NYC Sanitation and DEP came out at 10PM and worked on it, broke up the ice, and put down special ice melt. Our fence is covered in ice, but it is pretty:

We have a solid fence at the moment.

We have a solid fence at the moment.


Peace, Love & Soooooul,



It’s summertime, and the livin’…

okay, it’s not that easy. 🙂

However, it is fun. Spent the better part of last week helping my mother get the yards in order. Yes I said ‘yards’, back and front. Mom is a plant aficionado as far back as I remember. She can take a cutting (sample) of a plant, stick it in water and POOF…plant sprouts up. Every spring we look forward to shopping at the nursery (and they love her too), picking out flowers for the beds, and plotting what goes where.

My duty is the “muscle” woman. I pull weeds. This time I knew what to pull without holding up a sample of a butt ugly plant and asking “Mom do you want this?”

“No mon! That a weed. Chuck it.”  Then my task is to pull a few pounds worth from the section I’m in.

This time I grabbed the nettles, dandelions, the “fake corn” as I call it, and wild grass.  If you want a good cardio workout, grab a hoe and some gloves then hit the yard. At the end of the day, we sit on the stoop and admire the fruit of our labor. The neighbors make a point to stop and check out the garden. It’s nice to be the envy of the block.   Here are a few of our beauties:

1011386_4952218323725_1220605203_n 1017596_4952215483654_1926713320_n

Lilies are the top photo, Begonias the bottom.

For my July radio show, if you are a landscape artist/garden guru, contact me! I’d love to discuss the do’s and don’ts of home gardening.

In the meantime, this Wednesday June 26 is Soapbox Wednesday! I’m dishing on some recent news and listing my summer guilty pleasures.

Click HERE for the link.

Party’s Over..Move Along

August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene turned into a tropical storm shortly after my last post.  We got rain and wind, but not what was expected. Which I am very happy for, since we found a leak in our roof, and a small crack in our basement wall.

Spent the afternoon cleaning up the driveway and packing the garbage. The coming week will be dealing with repairmen–the joy of homeownership.

I did snap a few photos early this morning during the height of the storm.

Wind was wild in the backyard this morning.


Tree down! There was some damage in the park.

By noon, people started driving around the neighborhood.  No one was hurt, except the tree.  The children next door are now yelling and carrying on as they play, officially declaring the block back to normal.


It’s 6:12am in Queens NY. When I went to bed last night, the rain increased, and the wind started to pick up. NYC was under a tornado watch, but that has ended for now.  My family is still sleeping. My alarm clock went off at 5:30–my usual time so I figured I’d take a look around.

Rain’s still coming down. We now have some small branches in the street. I live across the street from a large park, so that was expected. The wind is the same as last night. I cracked my bedroom window to let some air in before things get crazy.

The report is that Irene is in Egg Harbor NJ now, and will probably reach New York City proper in a few hours.  NJ got slammed, lots of trees down.  Several thousand people have already lost power, and the center of the storm hasn’t even hit yet.  Fortunately we still have electricity.

Unfortunately, the center of the storm is predicted to make landfall again near JFK Airport, not far from my neck of the woods. Even though we’re inland, it’s gonna get nastier. Fortunately people are heeding instructions and warnings.

The biggest concern remains flooding and power outages. Hopefully we’ll keep our protective bubble and not lose it. There is something to be said for having a neighborhood with a church on every corner.

Another theme running on the tv and radio – generator ads, insurance company ad, and “Go Bag” public service announcements.

Thanks to all the folks reading out there. I will try to post a photo or two later today once it’s lighter out.


It’s now 8:30pm  in NYC.

The rain was on and off most of the day. Now it’s steady and heavy.  Spent most of the day working on a bead embroidery project. My background noise was “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”, “Design Star”, and the Weather Channel.

Things are  more serious.

Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware are getting hammered. There is a report of tornadoes in Delaware now. If you live there–be careful!

MTA (New York Transit), SEPTA (Philadelphia Transit), Amtrak and NJ Transit are completely shut down. Watching video of  a desolate Penn Station and the airports is freaky.

Irene is still a category 1, but it is not weakening. As a matter of fact, the core of the storm passed over a bay in North Carolina, so it got more power.  By the time it reaches here (NYC) I think we’re gonna get slammed.

Am I nervous? No. At this point there is nothing left to do. Checked the flashlights, put a battery in my clock radio, and the yard is clean. We all have our medication, and food, so that is that.

Do I still feel like “partying”? Not as I did before. With nightfall, I’m going to stay up for a bit tonight and see how it goes.

Pray for the folks in VA, DE,  MD, NC.  Reports are there were fatalities this evening (someone just drowned in NJ), and about 1 million people are without power.

It’s now almost 9pm. If we have power, I’ll post an update later or in the morning.

My Private Hurricane Party

August 27, 2011

You are cordially invited to:

Rosalind’s Studio’s Hurricane Party

(Clarification: I’m not having a real party. I don’t recommend anyone have a real party. The storm is serious, and people should take precautions as needed.)

New York City is bracing for a category 1 storm named Irene. It was a category 3 when it hit the Bahamas a few days ago. She’s losing steam, but still kicking up serious winds and lots of rain. The North Carolina coast is taking a hit, with high tides making the situation dangerous. As of this writing, it’s just leaving parts of NC. (10:30am EST)

So now Delaware, New Jersey, and New York City wait.

It’s not the strength of the storm officials say is the main problem, it’s the flooding. Even at Category 1, there will be enough of a tidal surge to flood lower Manhattan, Staten Island, parts of Brooklyn, and Far Rockaway, Breezy Point, and the rest of the Rockaway peninsula.

I’ve been to Rockaway Beach, so it  is certainly no joke.

My brother and I enjoyed our free bus trip this morning. MTA is shutting down all bus, LIRR, and subway service at noon.  We were able to run a last errand or two before heading back home.

We are taking all of this in stride–how else would we? Everyone is calm.

Well, there is one exception…

The supermarkets.

Yesterday, my mother and I took turns picking up last minute groceries.  She went around 11am. Came back and said the place was packed. People buying as if the end of the world was coming. (In which case we’d lose power and the food would spoil anyway.)

I went around 3, after some last minute work was done at the house.  Can’t have a storm watch without snacks.

They couldn’t keep water stocked fast enough. And folks argued:

“That’s my chicken!”

“Oh hell no, you put it down!”

“Excuuuuse me! I’m behind this lady.”

“Uh, no. I’ve BEEN here.”

I got lucky and caught a cashier that just opened her  line.  Making my way out of the store, the arguments heated up more. And this was Friday.

As mentioned, my brother and I made one last run this morning.  The bus was empty. As it approached the supermarket, we came to a halt.

The parking lot was completely full. Cars were now lined up to get in, jamming traffic.  Not a shopping cart in sight, as everyone was inside buying what they could. On the return trip, about an hour later, the main road was backed up on both sides, with cars trying to turn in.

People, get a grip. Park on a side street and walk a block to the store.

Anyhoo, my neighborhood is in the last evacuation zone. We are more inland, and don’t expect to move. If Irene was a category 3 or 4–then it would be a problem.  I peeked at the news before heading out for an update and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Some poor sod on the Weather Channel stood on a beach in North Carolina, wind nearly ripping off his rain gear, trying to do a report on how the tide made the waves more dangerous.

I think the reporter was  good looking, and my wicked side would have enjoyed the eye candy if his gear got torn off.  But instead, I shook my head at the screen.

Do you really need to stand in 90 mile/hour winds to explain that doing so is dangerous?

Jim Santore  used to do that. Seems he has passed the baton to the new guy.

Well, time to do some beading. Weather Channel is the party station for today. Stop by! Leave a comment. Hip us to your snack of the day.

It’s Snowing

February 10, 2010

Second snowstorm of the year, and so far the biggest. Is it Spring yet?

Spent the last few weekends working on new items for the store. Tried my hand at wire wrap and came up with this:

Blue Cross Earrings

First attempt at wire wrap

Strung the beads onto wire, then wrapped the finding.

Next, the contest entry. It didn’t win, but I received a lot of compliments, so it is now available at the store:

Charm Bracelet

Finally, I decided to combine bead and chain just to jazz up this necklace:

Leaf Necklace

Here’s a close up of the pendant:

A closer look at the pendant.

Sick Yet Bored

October 12, 2008

I hate this feeling. My body just wants to sleep, but my brain doesn’t.  Granted, I feel much better today. Avoided the laryngitis, but still sneezing and coughing. It’s one of those colds where you want to disconnect your head, clear it out, and put it back on. Yesterday my upper back went into spasm on top of the cold, so of course no art got done.  But I pushed myself anyway and did laundry. Isn’t funny how we push ourselves to do things we think are urgent when in the grand scheme they’re not. My friend scolded me for it. "Girl, don’t you know how to rest?"

Thinking about it, I don’t any more.  Some days I’m able to sit and read, but not for the whole day. Weekends are errands, cleaning, laundry, occasionally cooking Sunday dinner, supervising my brother’s pick-up and drop off from his programs, and squeezing in some bead time or quality on-line time.  I’m not complaining though. My mom’s done it for so long, especially when I lived elsewhere, it’s fitting that I take some of it on.

Fortunately it’s a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too cold. The trees in the nature preserve across the street are just beginning to change. Next week, they should be glorious red and yellow.  The swans are settling into their spots for the winter. The ducks have pretty much moved south.  And our new front stoop will be started. Another adventure in  homeownership…