Dear Daily Mirror, If you want to profile a racist, let me give you some names:

Cliven Bundy – Nevada cattle rancher who declared that Black people were “better off as slaves”. Defiantly broke several federal land use laws and refuses to pay his rent for his cattle grazing land.

Donald Sterling – Owner (soon to be former owner) of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.  Was caught on tape ranting about black people by his now ex-girlfriend. As of today, his latest statement was “I should have paid  her off.” That’s just here in the United States-and no need to tap their phones or dig up old unused video footage.

By the way, I took a quick visit to Wikipedia and there’s quite the list of hate groups in the U.K.  As for politics, The British National Party appears to be the twin of the U.S.’s Tea Party. Surely you could use your investigative reporting to find a real racist or two there. Oh, never mind, The Guardian  did in 2013.  But it can’t hurt to revisit this topic.

There is one name that doesn’t appear: Jeremy Clarkson

I visited the Mirror’s  website and watched the footage. (How much did you pay for that unused video?  Smells like someone has a grudge.)  It’s obvious Clarkson censored himself. The point where the n-word would be is garbled. Add the fact that forensic staff had to review the tape to figure out what the word was–this isn’t a story.

As a Black American, I hear the n-word on a daily basis. The sad thing is that it’s not white people using the word. Unfortunately when rap music took a turn for the worse, we began referring to each other as n—–.   There is now an entire generation that has lost sight of the meaning of the n-word. As a result, we no longer respect each other. Now those who would have otherwise kept their racist opinions to themselves have begun to spout them publicly.

This is the true issue to discuss: How do we as black people regain the respect we had for each other? How do we get across to our children what the n-word really is and why we should NEVER address another  person with a slur.

Should Mr. Clarkson have used another word–of course–he could have said “piggy” (which is how I learned that nursery rhyme). He claims he asked the production staff to edit out any offensive sounding words. And as I mentioned it’s obvious on the tape he censored himself.  There is a line between offensive and sarcastic, sometimes it’s very thin, sometimes it will be crossed. But this time it wasn’t crossed at all. I appreciate Top Gear’s non-politically correct humor, the cars, and the adventures. Leave Mr. Clarkson alone. Find a real news story.

Rosalind B



Boo! – Okay, got that over with. I do like Halloween. It’s the one holiday everyone has the chance to be someone else for fun, Unlike the corporate holiday party, or big family shingdig, where you have to hide your flaws to please the in-laws or boss.

I hate corporate parties. Glad I’m not part of that anymore.

The other reason I like Halloween is it reminds me that my birthday is coming up. 😀 I don’t need presents anymore, but appreciate that friends & family remember it. The saddest feeling is one of loneliness. Being forgotten is a pain I don’t think I could handle.

Moving on to things I’ve come to love and hate during the summer/fall…

1. Top Gear on BBC America: I LOVE this show. Yes there is an American version (and Australian too), but there is nothing like Jeremy, James and Richard (Richard is FIIIIINE by the way) tooling around in expensive sports cars. Well, other than Jeremy, James and Richard struggling in old beat up cars.  I’m torn between the Africa and the North Pole road trips. Both presented amazing vistas, and unusual challenges for the guys. Seeing Richard break down and cry during his sledding run to the North Pole (it’s freaking lonely out there) made me cry. James and Jeremy’s near slugfest outside their vehicle in the snow made me nervous, They went from friends to near enemies in  a matter of days.  This show was a highlight of my summer. Catch it on BBC America.

2. Tia & Tamera:  These sisters are a hoot.  Watching them both experience pregnancy, and their adventures as working mothers was a refreshing change from the typical “reality” show.  They are more genuine than the family that starts with “K”.  The show has moved to Bravo (the Style Channel is no more).

3. Iyanla Fix My Life:  One of OWN’s true hit shows.  Counselor Iyanla VanZant travels across the country to help couples/families experiencing issues. Troubles range from parental negligence to abusive spouses, to  “reality” stars refusing to acknowledge true reality.  Several episodes stand out, but the one that got my goat was HWOA (Housewife of Atlanta) Shiree’s lack of emotion. Her ex husband called her out on how she blocked his contact with his children. She just sat there. No anger, no sorrow, no nothin’.  He made it clear that he felt he and their children were just “accessories” on her tv show.  No response. Chick just didn’t care.  It was a shake-my-head moment.  What I appreciate about this show is no quick fix is promised. The participants have to work at change even after Miz Iyanla leaves.

So, what made my hackles rise this summer/fall?

1. Reefer at 7am.  One of my neighbors smokes a joint on their front stoop before they leave for work. Not every day, maybe 3 out of 5 days/week.  If your job is so bad that you need a joint before leaving the house, perhaps you should look for something else? Or take early retirement? Haven’t smelled that stuff since high school, and it still stinks.  Other than that, they’re great neighbors.

2. Cutting the line at the bus stop: There is this one woman who saunters up the street, stands at the end of the line,  then as the bus pulls up pushes her way to the door.  Everyone’s giving her the “bitch are you crazy?” look.  She doesn’t care.  Haven’t seen her in a while, but I would not be surprised to hear someone pushed her out of the way.

3. Reefer at 7PM: Coming home, a different neighbor is outside with a halogen lamp, makeshift dominoes table and the gentlemen are—you guessed it—smoking reefer and playing dominoes. Cold as it has been, they are bundled up, lamp shining, playing dominoes.

4. The loss of a favorite show: The Bronson Pinchot Project.  It was on the DIY Network for 2 seasons. There was some filming for a spinoff “Bronson Pinchot Saves America”, but alas it is not to be. Bronson Pinchot, goofy as he is, knows architecture. His method has madness, but the results were off the chain. He takes reviving classic homes seriously.  No sanitized crown molding, or polyurathane flooring. He and his crew are salvage wizards.  It was such a pleasant change from the ton of other remodeling shows, I can’t believe it won’t return.  If you want to know what Bronson is up to, follow him on FaceBook (Bronson Pinchot Online)

5. Express bus follies:  Since hurricane Sandy, I’ve been taking the express bus to/from work. There are a few things that get on my last nerve. First TAKE YOUR BAGS OFF THE SEAT. You paid $6 for ONE seat, not two.  And stop rolling your eyes when someone asks you to move said bag.

Second, IF YOU CAN’T FIT, DON’T SIT.  Hey, I’m not a tiny person, if I see the seat’s a little tight, I move on. I do my best not to squeeze in and cause discomfort for the person next to me. DO THE SAME.

Third, DON’T EAT DINNER ON THE BUS. It’s an EXPRESS, which means you’ll be home in less than an hour. Save your dinner until you get home. Remember, it’s still NYC Transit, which means the buses are not cleaned every day, which means critters may be hiding.

Whew! That’s all for now.  If you are in the Elmont NY area, stop by MrsJax Shop & Sip Holiday Show. November 16  1-6PM I’d love to meet new and old customers.  Follow me on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook (Pond’s Edge Designs by Rosalind Brinson) This coming Friday, join me and Tanya  on Raise Your Glass” on NDBMedia via Blogtalkradio.

Join me for my next episode of “The Eclectic Experience“.  I’ll wrap up the Home Depot Saga, dish on some cool things I like, and discuss the goings on about one of my favorite “reality” shows. 10PM EST 10/31

Come join the fun! Happy Halloween!

Facebooking from Heaven?

November 8, 2011

Last week  I noticed a new profile on Facebook. It shocked me. Why? Because the profile is of a deceased celebrity. I know this person is deceased, but someone strolling along FB wouldn’t know until they scroll to the bottom of the info section. It looks like a regular current profile, with interests–including Zynga games, photos, employment and a friends list. For those who even bother to read all the way to the bottom to learn the person is deceased; the creator of the deceased celebrity’s profile put a disclaimer “This is a fan SIGHT” at the bottom of the info page. Yes, that is how it’s spelled.

If one flips to the wall page it appears this person plays Cityville. Other people are sharing points with said deceased person, commenting on their photos, and such. A fan/tribute page should say so up front.

As a matter of fact, tribute pages have a slightly different look than a regular profile. For example, if you search for Nat King Cole: The basic information comes up first. You see that it was created by the Cole family’s agent, with his contact information. The page is listed as “musician/band”.

No employment, or other such information. There is a friends list, and interests, but they all relate to the person. There’s no Zynga game on NKC’s page. Why does this bother me? If you’re going to do a tribute page, do it right. Maybe I’m hypersensitive, but it feels disrespectful to create and use a profile as if the person is still with us.

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August 28, 2011

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Discussing how history repeats itself, especially on television. Our guidebook is “The Glass Teat” by Harlan Ellison. It is a collection of his television reviews published in the Free Press back in the late ’60’s. If you can get a hold of a copy, it’s well worth the read.

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My First Love

November 16, 2010

No, I’m not going to talk about him. I’m not prepared to “put my business in the street”.

I’ve rediscovered one of my all time favorite television shows: Emergency! Bored one night last week (My Fair Wedding wasn’t on, and the Bridezilla was a true bitch) I started searching for something to watch.  One of my Tighe Times buddies mentioned the show was available on DVD. I figured I’d float over and order a couple.

Years ago, I had the first 3 seasons on video (raise your hand if you remember Columbia House). Ended up selling them and a prized autographed t-shirt from the one E! convention held in California. Unemployment will do that.  Wonder where the shirt went? That could be a story…

Anyhow, while searching for the DVD’s the Hulu link popped up. I’d heard of it, but didn’t know if my computer could handle the feed.

Well folks, it pays to have cable internet. The connection is a little off, but overall, the quality is good. Yes, there are commericals. But what’s the point of reliving a fun show without the commercials? 🙂

One night it was “I’ll Fix It”. Then “Brush Fire”. Last night was “Messing Around” – Chet as the Phantom setting up water bombs around the station.  When I was a kid me and every other red-blooded girl liked Johnny and Roy. Funny thing is, now that I’m older, I appreciate Chet a lot more. Funny, mischevious, but stands up for his friends when he needs to. 

Come to think of it I have a script and some autographed photos purchased when Tim Donnelley had a website.  And some fan fiction I wrote on a diskette somewhere.

So what does this have to do with beading and jewelry? Nothin’.

I take that back. I think E! might be one reason why I’m drawn to the color red. 🙂