Free Katie & Suri – Happy Independence Day

July 4, 2012

I couldn’t resist. It’s karma timing that Katie Holmes would file for divorce right before Independence Day. Frankly I don’t blame her. Scientology is a cult. Any church that does not allow one to leave without being harrassed, is not a church. Any church that cuts you off from family because they are not members–or don’t wish to be, that’s not a church. And when 10% tithe isn’t enough, selling all your property in addition isn’t enough, and then orders you to ask the aforementioned family for “donations” that is so NOT a church.

Here’s some info about scientology:

Marty Rathburn’s NY Daily News Article

Why am I so concerned about this actress and her adorable kid? Because it could happen to anyone. You don’t have to be famous/wealthy to get caught up in a cult. Once upon a time back in my early college days, I reviewed a L.Ron Hubbard book for the college newspaper. I forget the title, but it was one that actually well written. After sending the tearsheet (proof of the article) to the publicist, I received an invitation to an awards dinner at Windows on the World. (I told you it was way back in the day.) I didn’t make it, but the publicist sent me some other goodies and books to look at.

Then one day a friend mentioned it was Scientology and to watch out. After researching, I realized what it was and politely refused any further information.

The second time, it was an evangelical Christian group attempting to get me as a member. They called themselves Christian, invited me to bible study. A fellow reporter was considering joining so we went together. It seemed fine, until the group started asking me to skip classes–telling me that their activities were more important than my education.

Then the member who attempted to recruit me called.  She tried to get me to say my church wasn’t in keeping with the bible.  When that didn’t work, she accused me of using their group as a “self help” program.

I wished her well and hung up the phone. If someone tells you they are satisfied with their form of worship, and their belief is the same as yours, then gets insulted when you don’t join their organizaton–RED FLAG.

Turns out they were a branch of a controversial “christian” organization.  They wanted money and bodies and once you cut ties with family friends and job, bingo–you’re caught in a cult.

I firmly believe that God did not design us to be stupid. While Jesus did say to the young man “give up all and follow me”, Jesus kept in touch with his mother. If a group insists you cut all ties, give up your employment, and threatens you when you refuse or question it – RUN!

Tom Cruise may have bukoo bucks, and friends in high places–but they’re in California. California is scientology central.  My money is on Katie and a New York judge–hopefully she’ll get a street-smart one–seeing which parent has Suri’s best interest at heart.


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